Although Nikki and Randy lived just five minutes away from each other, it took a fortuitous right swipe on Tinder for the American couple to first meet. Skeptical as they initially were because of their, until then, questionable experiences with online dating, it was an instant – and intimate – connection. After a hot first date, the two say they barely left the bedroom during our first few weeks together. They were both in school at the time, meaning that there was a lot of blowing off classes so that they could spend their time learning more about each other. Three years later, they haven’t slowed down!

“We love exploring our kinks together, especially when it comes to exhibitionism!” they say. One of their out-in-the-open highs really was, well, out in the open after the two used the opportunity of a secluded hike in the mountains for a side-of-trail blowjob. Crunching footsteps after a couple of minutes had them scrambling to pull their clothes up but far from end things there, it just made the experience all the hotter and they went off-trail to continue where they’d left off. 

Back in their bedroom, the pair say they’ve also experimented with some light bondage, anal play, orgasm denial, and DD/LG role-playing. One of the first birthday presents Randy got Nikki was a Magic Wand, which she was unsure about at first but was sold on immediately after giving it a try. They say it has become a staple of their everyday sex life – they even take it on trips! Since then, their toy collection has grown and they’ve added new toys like anal plugs, rabbit vibrators, and dildos to the mix. “And we just got a new remote-controlled vibrator that we can't wait to try out the next time we go out to dinner.” Some show-and-tell for Lustery is absolutely in order!