When Mya Quinn and Anthony Jones describe themselves as a “mostly submissive half-angel, half-demon and not much of a goody-good girl’ and “the passionate, dominant leader of our relationship” respectively, you know that something decidedly kinky is afoot. 

However, it hasn’t always been frisky business between this married pair – in fact, it took working together for a few years for the same company in England for them to realise how they’d work together in so many other ways and start dating. From there though, they made up for lost time and it only took three months for the pair to get engaged.

While Anthony originally hails from Spain and Mya from Hungary, the now-married couple live in Edinburgh and describe their relationship as both “passionate” and “crazy”. “We love each as much as we drive each other crazy,” they joke. One thing is for sure: when it comes to all things kinky, these two have found their other half.

“We have sex almost every day,” they reveal. “If we skip a day it's because we ‘overfucked’ before. We're into many fetishes, so on a typical day you there is always watersports and toys that we like to play with. We like it rough with slaps and bites, or just a simple 69, where both of us are happy at the same time.” Add to that list a penchant for BDSM, rimming, swinging, being watched by others and public fucking, and it quickly becomes apparent that there’s very little that doesn’t do it for this devilish duo. Their deliciously dirty Lustery debut offers a first taste of their intense and exhilarating dynamic – you don’t want to miss this one…