Though Polish pair Nadish and Mavka have social media to thank for their connecting, it’s a completely different type of SM that defines their sex life…

Nadish, who is a photographer, and Mavka, a model, first found each other via Instagram. The idea was that Nadish would travel to Warsaw to have a photoshoot with Mavka, but after the two spent some time together, it fast became apparent that there’d be a lot more to this encounter than simply snapping a few pics. “We fell in love with each other immediately,” they say. We both said that we've never felt something intense like that before. 


A week later, the switchy lovers moved in together. “We would describe ourselves as a hippie vegan couple who love animals,” they say. “We are interesting combination of vulnerability and sensual love with hardcore BDSM and rough sex. We love meeting new people, intuitive dance and we are also very spiritual people who believe in energy, meditate regularly, practice yoga and are falling in love with tantra. 


It’s just the right combination to get them fucking every day and “sometimes even a couple of times a day”. Their favourite position is cowgirl, when Mavka rides Nadish like crazy” and they also love playing with power dynamics, switching dominant and submissive roles. It helps that Mavka is a professional dominatrix and they have a vast sex toy collection at home. They’re also exhibitionists, they confess, and get off on being watched by other people. Perfect for Lustery? You bet. 


And their ultimate dream? “To buy a camper one day and live in it with our animals travelling around the world and earning money by having sex with each other,” they say.