Brazilian babes Maru and Phil first connected eight years ago through Facebook and fast went from interested to intrigued to inseparable. 

It like comes as no surprise that their eagerness to explore and willingness to share has led to some pretty jaw-dropping erotic escapades. They recount their most adventurous sex story: a gang bang with Maru and five guys. “We met them all in a bar here in the city,” they say, “and went straight to the motel to have sex.” 

Aside from their shared fetish of watching each other fucking other people, the playful pair are also fans of introducing toys to their steamy sex sessions and are quick to say that they don’t have any favourite positions – after all, as they put it, who can choose just one when the real fun is changing it up? The only constant is just how frequently these two get naked together. As they put it, “We have sex almost every day, sometimes more than once a day. When we are physically well and we are not tired, our sex tends to be more hardcore.”

Hardcore though their sex might be, these life partners are big softies too. “In addition to all this fire,” they say, “we love each other very much – we rarely part and we are best friends for everything.” It’s a romantic and raunchy dynamic that we can’t wait to see played out on Lustery screens.