Luna and Dom were both looking for nothing more than a hook-up that fateful day that they met around a year-and-a-half ago, and in typical Gen-Z fashion, they say, they’d turned to Tinder. “It was meant to be a one-night stand sort of thing,” they laugh, “but when there's something there, you can't really ignore it ­– and so we're still together!” 

A big part of the ‘something there’ that has kept this Amsterdam-based pair going strong long beyond the one-night only expiry date they’d expected is their incendiary sexual chemistry and easy openness with each other. “Our sex life is really good,” they explain. “We have sex several times a week – sometimes even several times a day – but it never gets boring. We're very open with each other about our sexuality and our kinks, and together we've created a safe and sexy space for ourselves. There's a lot of trust and care in our sex life, something that comes from understanding the other person. We're always up for trying out new things and usually we are!” 

It's this honesty, communication and willingness to experiment that elevates their fucking and helps them find new highs with each other – sometimes quite literally. Recently while having sex, Dom successfully choked Luna out and she says it felt incredible. “It was like being high on drugs or travelling up in space,” she gushes. “I hadn't even realised I had fainted until I came to and he told me what happened. All in all, a very cool experience which I definitely want to experience again.” 

It’s very nice, they say, to have a partner with whom you can share things you like that might be considered strange or taboo otherwise. “It's rare you find someone who appreciates the ‘weird’ parts of you, so it's special.”