Ever wondered what would happen if that fleeting but thrilling chance encounter with a stranger in a nightclub had its chance to play out beyond that fateful night? Berlin-based pair Kitti and Uri are some of the lucky ones who got to find out.

“We met a little over four years ago in a club and immediately had a strong connection,” they explain. “However, at the time we were involved with other partners and lost touch.” It was more than two years before they’d cross paths again, both new parents and both “in completely different places in our lives”. They were primed to fall in love, connecting deeply on an emotional level with sex later following suit, and “quickly moved in and decided to raise our kids together”. 

Describing their relationship, the couple say, “We are very caring and close, spending as much time as possible together, eating, cooking and fucking. We just can’t get enough of each other.” The same certainly goes for their sex life, which they say is only getting more interesting with time, the erotic evidence of which plays out in their stunning Lustery debut. “We are very open to exploring our fantasies and boundaries. We still get very excited about each other every single day and are very passionate and playful,” they say.

Their favourite amorous activities include going down on each other and “sometimes having to hide since it’s the wrong time or place”. They also love toys, anal play, watching – and making! – porn together, and shopping for sexy outfits (and confess to spending way too much time in the fitting room together). Their ultimate kink though is public sex, “especially in clubs in the centre of the dance floor”. And who doesn’t love a couple who gets off on being the centre of attention? We know we do…