When Russian lovers Dima and Nastya first met each other three years ago on a local dating app, they say, it was not “crazy love at first sight”. Instead, they describe it as a “nice feeling growing over time” – we can only assume that the pair’s insane sexual chemistry developed alongside it. 

How insane? Well, remembering just one most adventurous sex story is impossible – and who can be surprised when this is a couple that devotes entire days to getting dirty? That’s right: “Sex Days”. “The first and the main rule of the ‘Sex Day’,” they say, “is you can’t do anything on this day besides having sex. You can’t wear clothes and you can only eat to recover your energy in pauses.” You best believe that their breath-taking cum-soaked Lustery debut finds them on exactly such a day – and if that’s just what they squeeze into one video, we can’t imagine how many orgasms they clock up in a whole day.

As much as their sex days are about exploring each other (and we’re talking all the way from face-kissing to toe-licking), they’re also about indulging in their kinks. “In our sex life, we do almost everything that other people may call kinky: think rim jobs, anal stimulation, licking toes, using sex toys, and so on,” they say. “When we are together, we have no limits.”

They may not have limits but they do have favorites: for Dima, it’s when Nastya doesn’t wear panties on the street, whereas Nastya’s biggest turn-ons are swallowing Dima’s cum and sex outdoors. The romantic Russians also love missionary position, saying that they adore seeing each other’s facial expressions and being able to look into one another’s eyes. “We have sex every day,” they say. “If we don’t, we feel as if something is missing.”