Sometimes colleagues, sometimes lovers and always friends, when things get tangled up with this Berlin-based trio, they say, it’s only in the sheets. Friends and occasional co-performers, Bishop and Lina met about four years ago, before both meeting Carmen under separate circumstances about two years ago. In their case, three really is a magic number: as they say, “a solid, very special friendship has flourished ever since”. 

Throughout all this time, the three have come together, so to speak, in various configurations (sometimes it may just be two of them) on different occasions, either hooking up casually or fucking for work purposes. “But when the three of us are together and feel like fucking, things get really playful and super fun!” they say. “We laugh a lot and sex becomes the best culmination of the casual hangout with friends.” 

Nowadays, Lina, Carmen and Bishop see themselves as a sort of mini gang and regularly hang out with each other. “Since it's more than clear for all of us that the bond between us is first and foremost friendship, we're really chill and feel super free to hook up when we feel like it. Sometimes we just make out, or some other times nothing sexual happens, but we never feel awkward about it. We have no expectations: if we fuck, it’s for the fun and for affirming our friendship!” It’s clear that for these three friends-with-benefits, the “friends” part really is the greatest benefit of all. That doesn’t mean there’s not something to say for some entangled limbs and breathless orgasms thrown into the mix with all the giggles though – just check out their Lustery debut and you’ll get it!

Their parting words? “Sexual intimacy between friends can be a real thing!”