Together a year already, it’s almost poetically apt that Ava Genna and Aaron met while staying at the same camp at Burning Man 2019 since their sex life is (you guessed it) blazingly hot. 

It helps that they’re based mostly in Costa Rica, where their beautiful surrounds have made for some sexual adventures that will have you breaking a sweat for more reasons than one. One of their favourite sex stories involves the time they were hiking up a mountain ahead of a group and ended up enjoying some “forbidden fruit” and having sex in a garden along the way. “It was unplanned and was partially instigated by us playing with fruit from the garden. We started kissing, then touching, and then we decided to leave the trail because it was clear we were not going to stop there! We went up to a structure a little way away from the trail and continued until we were fucking hard and deep, standing with jungle all around. We managed to stop just before the group behind us made it to the garden, but they almost certainly heard us. Can't say we cared!” 

It’s impressive enough that these two have the stamina to go on long hikes and fuck along way but when you consider that these two can easily have sex up to five times a day, hey, what’s a little mountain scaling in between? And it’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality too. “We prefer to have sex for a good amount of time – usually an hour, sometimes a little less, sometimes a lot more. We've learned a lot about each other’s bodies but we are still discovering things, and every time we do it's a whole new world that's opened up, with a whole new list of favourites!” Right now, their smoldering and sensual play involves plenty of mixing fingering and oral. “It's a new thing,” they say, “but there is very little we don't like together!”