“It’s always more interesting to watch real couples in porn because it’s authentic – it makes it easier to connect with it on a personal level.” When Barcelona-based lovers Annika and Johnny first met in a coffeeshop, as they got chatting over a shared joint, their conversation soon turned to their thoughts on the porn industry. Now they’re diving into it and ready share their love – and their lust – with Lustery. 

The pair have been together for more than a year, after their initial and instant spark in the coffeeshop. (Smoking weed and talking smut? Even we’re in love with them.) They say that they’ve learned a lot from each other since that first fateful conversation about the porn industry, and though Annika maintains that she never thought that they would be somehow part of it one day, Johnny jokes that he was sure. 

“We learned that we loved to share our real love and that everybody deserves to have real sex to enjoy themselves alone or with a partner,” they say. Though they may have started out with just a webcam show, with an attitude like that – an eagerness to share the giggles, gasps and occasional head bumps of genuine, bona fide fucking –they were made for the Lustery community. 

“Through sex,” they say, “we discover each other and human nature in general.” And it’s all hands-on learning for this loved up twosome, who rarely go a day without, at some point, ending up naked together. Whether it’s the last thing they do at night or the first thing they do in the morning (and then for the rest of the day), it’s safe to say that their sex comes easy. And talking of coming easy… “Oh yes, the best way for me to cum is ass pussy clit! This is the combo to push me over the edge when I'm at the peak of my pleasure,” says Annika.