Now together for nine years, Londoners Amy and JR initially met through friends and, in doing so, seemingly met their equal, with a match made in heaven and ignited in the bedroom. “The connection between us both is something neither of us have ever experienced in other relationships,” they say. “Although we are now in our mid-fifties, we are having the best sex we have ever had. We also laugh a lot together – very important in any relationship!”

Integral to their incredible intimacy – they fuck almost on the daily – is knowing exactly what they like, what pushes their buttons and what sends them over the edge – and it’s an extensive list! 

“We both love sex with each other but we also like to share. We have regular threesomes with both other men and other women,” say the dirty-minded Brits. JR likes watching Amy make love with her girlfriends and then joining in – Amy likes sharing JR with other girls just as much as JR likes sharing Amy with other guys. Though JR is not bisexual himself, gang-bangs are a favorite of Amy’s and feature in the lustful couple’s sex life too. Amy’s record is nine guys servicing her with JR getting off first as a voyeur and then as a participant.

JR likes Amy in heels and lingerie. Amy likes JR's bum. They both adore satisfying each other. JR lists his favorite places to cum as on Amy’s face, on her breasts or in her mouth (“Amy always swallows,” we’re told). The pair reckon they have done most kinky things: sex outside, sex with loads of other people, DP, swinging parties... “The list,” they say, “is endless.” And now they can now tick shooting for Lustery off the list too, as we welcome this kinky new couple…