How to last longer in bed

May 22, 2019 3 min read

Life is short, but some things are worth spending a little extra time on. Take an orgasm, for example. There’s something deliciously satisfying about an intense cumshot or a high-intensity orgasm, but taking things slowly and building gradually towards climax can yield even more mind-blowing results. Having said that, it’s not always easy to hold out –especially for guys.

Premature ejaculation is a pretty common problem amongst men, and it can be severe – in which case, medical advice is always the best way to go. But sometimes it can be about nervousness, or just straight-up blue balls; if so, there are ways to (literally) take matters into your own hands.

So whether you’re struggling to delay your orgasm or just want to prolong your sexual pleasure, here’s a handy list of tips to help you last longer than the Duracell Bunny:


The most popular way of tackling the issue is ‘edging’, otherwise known as stopping yourself when you’re at the point of near-orgasm. There are different techniques, but ‘pausing’ – pulling out if you’re having penetrative sex, stopping anything that’s stimulating you if you aren’t – is arguably the best, plus you can work on your partner’s pleasure in the meantime to ensure you both eventually reach a climax.

Studies have shown ‘edging’ can build to way more pleasurable orgasms, and it works for women, too – if your partner is getting close, try shifting focus from her clit and working on her other erogenous zones to tip her slowly towards a way more intense breaking point.


‘The squeeze technique’ is old-school, but research indicates that it genuinely works. If a man gets close to orgasm, the best way to stop him is to place your thumb, index and middle fingers around his penis tip and squeeze – just not too hard! Carry on until the feeling subsides, and then get back to business as usual.


Thicker condoms can come in handy if you’re looking for long-lasting penetrative sex; the thicker barrier reduces feeling, which can in turn help to delay your orgasm.


Most of us don’t exactly need an excuse to masturbate more often, but if you’re worried about finishing too quickly then a handy self-care session around one or two hours before you have sex with your partner can do the trick.


You know that feeling when someone’s riding you so hard that you just know you’re going to cum? Conversations with sexual partners about lasting longer might feel awkward, but they’re ultimately helpful; codewords can help sex last longer, as can pulling out or trying positions to allow you both to stop quickly if you feel you’re getting to the point of no return. 


It’s no secret that there’s an ‘orgasm gap’ between men and women, and between straight women and lesbians. We’re conditioned to think that only penetrative sex is valid, but often the clit isn’t being stimulated enough to reach the point of orgasm this way. So if you’re worried about finishing too quickly, take the time to go down on your partner – neither of you will regret it.

Jake Hall
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