Giving Black: sexy holiday gifts from Black-owned businesses

December 15, 2020 4 min read

This winter, you can support Black businesses by delving into a wealth of unique, beautiful and oh-so-sensual gift options.


The Underargument


This revolutionary lingerie company made waves recently by choosing models without seeing them, making their selections based on the stories they submitted instead. The result is a truly diverse, gorgeous campaign, showing off an equally luscious lingerie range. The ‘For Love’ line is particularly sexy, featuring beautiful soft lace matching sets in flattering deep maroon tones. 

Blue Reign


For a kinkier option, Blue Reign’s line up of leather lingerie brings some light bondage vibes into the bedroom. The range is a feminine take on bondage, with floral embroidered leather bras and panties, and basques trimmed with flowing tulle. There’s also an affordable range of cute colourful collars that would also work for everyday wear – an easy way to add a bit of kink to any outfit. 



New York Toy Collective


This NY-based company creates high-quality intimacy toys and products “for all forms of gender affirmation”, ranging from packers to STP products, to binders, accessories, and more. They’re also the first and only company to use 3D technology to allow consumers to create pleasure products moulded after their own bodies, so you can create a truly personalised gift.



A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography by Dr Mireille Miller-Young


If your giftee is a sex culture buff, A Taste for Brown Sugar is a great exploration into the history of Black women in pornography, featuring interviews and testimonials from the stars themselves. The women share their thoughts about desire and eroticism, black women's sexuality and representation, and ambition and the need to make ends meet. A beautiful book exploring and celebrating Black female sexuality through some of porn’s most influential performers. 



Lylyth Erotica


Named after the myth of the first woman, this US lingerie and bondage brand carries and affordable range of stylish kinky essentials to help while away the winter nights. As well as bondage gear and sex toys, the site has a range of fun candy playthings – from rainbow ‘cock pops’ to candy ball gags – perfect stocking fillers for a very adult holiday. 


Luxemore London


Luxemore’s hair grooming and men’s skincare giftsets feature a variety of natural, vegan products to keep your loved ones pampered. The men’s set includes multipurpose premium oil and moisturising conditioner, everything you need for nuzzlingly soft hair and skin. 





Festive gifts sets include the brand’s signature whipped shea,with ylang ylang and frankincense or bergamot, as well as paired candles with fragrances like freesias, amber andpatchouli, so you can create the right atmosphere while you pamper yourself (or a loved one).




This London socks brand is made up of designers with African heritage, mixing traditional patterns with a contemporary twist to create fun, vibrant pieces in every colour of the rainbow – turning socks into truly exciting gifts.


Enby is more than just a sex shop, they are a climate & community focused Black/Trans owned company run by 3 enby's and believe that all bodies deserve affirmation and pleasure.

They strive to create a safer, and more comfortable sex-toy shopping experience for the Queer community and more specifically gender non-conforming, trans and non-binary people. A portion of all profits are donated to a rotating list of small underfunded organizations focused on improving the lives of Queer/Trans People of Color.


Alter Ego interiors


This maker creates handmade vegan soy candles with enticing scents like earl grey & cucumber and tobacco & oak. There’s also a festive blood orange option to keep things in the holiday spirit.


Sexologist Shamyra


Get a little more playful with Shamyra’s "Use Your Mouth " Sex and Relationship Conversation Starter Cards, which make it “fun and easy to get to know your partner better. Whether you are just dating or have been married for years, this International best-selling card game will add sizzling intimacy into your life”.

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