Getting In Bed with Stevie & Leak

August 15 1 min read

We love getting in bed with couples on Lustery, literally. On the POV podcast, we want to get really intimate and learn more about the insights and relationships of couples we love to watch. Stevie & Leak have already shared a few videos with us, including a Vlog on a very special day: Leak’s birthday!

This adoring American couple is an endless source of inspiration. Playful in and outside the bedroom, they love to go out, have fun, eat good food, laugh and basically enjoy life. In this episode, they tell us about their perfect date, how they started hanging out and discovered a lot about each other’s sexuality and sexual preferences before they first hooked up. We learn how they hold space for each other and their desires, and how that allows them to grow sexually together and keep having fabulous sex. Listening to them might help you let go of fear and embrace love. Their secret recipe? Communication and an open heart. Stay tuned for their upcoming videos!



Paulita Pappel
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