October 9, 2019 4 min read

I remember the first time I watched porn it was on my flip phone. I was about 14, at home in my bedroom, and I was trying to stream a lesbian porn that I saw was on around 1AM on this TV program magazine my parents used to buy. If they only knew the reason I was interested in the magazine!

At the time, I was only watching lesbian porn, as the few hetero porn I saw wasn’t focused on female pleasure, and having never even seen a dick “in real life” before it was all a little bit too intimidating. Up until a few years ago, the only porn I was watching was girl on girl, and I was only watching it when I wanted to masturbate, and even though I enjoyed it, there was always a little part of me that felt like watching porn was bad.

But last year, as I was getting more sexual confidence (filming myself fucking for Lustery might have had something to do with that ;) ), I started to watch porn not only to masturbate or get turned on, but also to learn, like watching a kind of national geographic documentary. I started to watch a lot of different porn, mainstream, indie, lesbian, gay, bdsm, old people… You name it! And it started to feel natural, like I would have breakfast watching a new Lustery video or some dominatrix stuff.

And after a few months of doing this I noticed that I was actually learning from it, unconsciously! See, we learn by watching, hearing and repeating - like when you learn how to speak. How do you expect to know what to do in bed without having ever seen or heard anything sexual? This might be a strong statement, but I think sex is not a magic thing that just happens and you know immediately what to do. It requires time, effort and some sort of example to mimic. 

So, from my own experience, here are the 4 reasons you should watch porn!

1. Learn new tricks and positions

This is a big one! I tried reverse cowgirl after seeing it in porn, and that’s one of my favorite positions now. Watching a varied range of porn can help diversify your knowledge of what you can do. If you feel stuck or think there is no more imaginable ways to lick pussy, believe me, there is!

2. Discover new things you are into, and explore them safely

You can find a new kink, or something you never imagined people do, and discover it turns you on completely! Just explore everything, even the things you think you might not like. Let’s say you find out that you’re into spanking, then you can watch more of it and explore it in your own time. 

3. It can make part of foreplay

If you’ve never watch porn with a partner, I recommend you do it, now! It is a fun and judgment free way to approach new fantasies and to bring a conversation about your desires, as well as heating the mood for later sex sessions. It also makes it “normal” for you both to watch porn, which brings me the my next and last reason:

4. It desacralizes and normalizes sex

By making porn watching a part of your routine, it removes that “shame” puritan feeling about sex, in general! Sex is a normal part of life, and you should feel as good watching that latest documentary about global warming on Youtube as you feel watching your favorite porn movie.

And as a side note, there is no “good” or “bad” porn! The essential is to bring as much diversity as possible, so that you can pick out what you like from different genres. 

Yes I like visually pleasing stuff, but sometimes I like to watch some more “cliche” mainstream porn, just like I like watching “The Holiday” on Christmas. And most importantly, porn is made by people, and these people are working for you to enjoy their movies. So pay for your porn!

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