A short and sweet guide to period sex

September 4, 2017 2 min read

Now, period sex is something that'll sure get you all sorts of opinions. But honestly, it's mostly these two: "How gross!" and "What's the big deal?!"
Many people seem to consider period sex (as in sex while someone's having their period) as unclean and disgusting. Everyone to their own, but the infuriating thing about this attitude is that it simply plays into the assumption that a woman's* period is somewhat filthy and unclean and she* is not to be touched during "that time."

What a shame!

Of course, there can be very good reasons for not wanting to have period sex - cramps, pain or simply not being in the mood. However, period sex is not dirty. And it's not disgusting. Because what's the "worst" that can happen? There can be blood on the sheets (or wherever), on hands and/or penises. All of the above can be cleaned, right?

And let's remember, sex in itself is not a "clean" business anyway. There are several bodily fluids involved, all of which we happily wash off after the deed has been done. Have you ever heard anyone as loudly as with respect to period sex proclaim how "dirty" sex with men is? After all 3-5 mlsper ejaculate is not that little of a show. See.

So besides not being disgusting, period sex is actually a pretty great way to make a woman* feel better during her period. For starters, orgasms can better cramps and ease period pain. Then it can also help give a bit of an emotional uplift during a time many women* feel slightly bloated and tired. And, I bet you haven't thought about this yet, period blood can also substitute for lube!

Apart from not feeling like it, there really is no reason to abstain from period sex. And in case you're really worried about stains, just put a towel or blanket underneath and use condoms and/or latex gloves.
Else, as always, just be safe and enjoy!

Dr. G-Punkt
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