A short and sweet guide to butt plugs

July 24, 2017 2 min read

Anal sex is, it seems, still a bit of a no go. Quite literally. Whenever it gets mentioned in a conversation with friends someone will inevitably shriek and cry "But it huuurts!". Of course, it can hurt. Almost everything can, right? But it doesn't have to. And for those happy to give it a go, maybe butt plugs are the way forward.

Admittedly, for many peeps the concept of a device simply plugging the butt doesn't appeal too much. Yet for those who enjoy the feeling of a toy just being up the butt, the sensation of fullness and pressure it can give, is one of considerable joy. So let's see what butt plugs are all about.

Firstly, butt plugs come in a whole lot of shapes. Obviously not in ALL sorts of shapes, but you get the idea. The traditional plug has a wide end bit and gets narrower towards the base. In most cases, the base has a sort of narrow neck which allows the sphincter muscles to close around it.
As for inserting the plug, the same goes as with all other forms of anal sex: Please use lube generously. Don't rush, don't tear, but relax and insert in your own time.

For many, as I've said before, the feeling of fullness it provides will be enough of a stimulation. You can keep a butt plug in, or your partner, while you're engaging in all sorts of other activities. Masturbation, oral or penetrative sex. Some even like to walk around and go about their daily business with a plug up their bum. In most cases the plug will stay put (our sphincter muscles are quite strong) - however sometimes, especially if someone's very aroused, the plug can be pushed out. No worries, because lucky you, that's a good sign after all.

You can of course also put a butt plug to good use to prepare for anal sex "proper" - a plug is an ingenious way to prepare the anus for something bigger, as the body gets used to the situation and starts relaxing towards the rear.
Whatever you wanna try it for, just make sure to not start with a very big version, as this can easily lead to frustration or hurt even. Butt plugs come in all sorts of different sizes and it's helpful to start small and work yourself up one size at a time. But whatever you opt for, just remember: Be safe. And enjoy.

Dr. G-Punkt
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