Vivienne & Stella

The basics
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  • Name:

    Vivienne & Stella

  • Age:

    20 & 20

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Detroit, United States

  • Sex life:


Vivienne and Stella first got to know each other through what many people might have written off as a ‘missed connection’ – they matched on Tinder but only after Stella had already returned home from their California spring break trip and, with it, any chance of meeting Vivienne in the flesh. However, that didn’t deter these two, and after five months of long-distance dating, FaceTime was replaced with face-to-face and they moved in together. Together, they’ve created a playful and caring space that’s as dedicated to feeling loved and safe as it is to keeping things fun and carefree.

Of course, plenty of the fun begins in their bedroom. “We definitely both enjoy restriction/bondage, as well as sensory deprivation play. We both are switches and love to dominate and submit. Even in the case where we don’t share the same kink or fetish, we both are generally open to trying everything, which makes for not a lot of issue,” they explain. And then they’re not exploring their kinks together, they’re digging into their toy box. “We both really like our rabbit vibrator. It’s Bluetooth controlled so it’s fun to play together. We’ve also got this toy that’s a double ended-rabbit vibrator, and we found it’s really good for grinding against each other and revelling in that closeness.”


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Afternoon Oral
Both of us love oral. Vivienne starts eating Stella’s pussy on the couch on a lazy Sunday afternoon!
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