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Mavka & Nadish

The basics
  • 355
  • Name:

    Mavka & Nadish

  • Age:

    26 & 29

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Warsaw, Poland

  • Sex life:


Forget Tinder; it was Instagram that did the connecting when it came to Polish pair Nadish and Mavka’s eventual hookup. Nadish is a photographer and Mavka is a model, so after discovering each other on the app, they decided to get together for a photoshoot. As it turns out, there was something more than picture perfect about their meeting – after spending a few days together, they fell in love.

And it literally was “a few days” – within a week they’d decided to live together in Warsaw, sharing a hippie vegan lifestyle with liberal lashings of BDSM. “We have sex every day, sometimes a couple of times per day,” they explain. “Our favourite position is cowgirl, when Mavka rides Nadish like crazy. We love BDSM and we like switching dominant and submissive roles. Mavka is a professional dominatrix and we have many sex toys at home.” The kinky pair also share an exhibitionistic streak and love being watched by other people (match made in Lustery heaven, huh?). Though they profess that their Lustery debut shows the softer side of their relationship, the red-hot video is still packed with power play and deliciously switchy dynamics.

When they’re not dreaming about someday buying a camper and travelling the world earning money by having sex with each other, the spiritually-inclined lovers like meeting new people at psychedelic music festivals, dancing, yoga, meditation and exploring tantra together.


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Mavka & Nadish's Video Collection

Tuned In & Turned On
Polish pair Mavka and Nadish decided to use their Lustery debut to show their more romantic and sensitive side – for them, romance just happens to come with a side of hair pulling, spanking and face-slapping. As the kinky hippies slowly tune out the outside world to get in synch with each other, their natural switchy dynamic emerges for a playful and passionate moan-out-loud fuck session that culminates in Mavka riding Nadish to an ecstatic crescendo.
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