Matt & Anna

The basics
  • 235
  • Name:

    Matt & Anna

  • Age:

    25 & 25

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Lyon, France

  • Sex life:


Anna and Matt love each other enormously and their bond grows stronger every day. They have been together 9 years now, since they were 16 years old! They started sleeping together even before becoming a couple, and feel like they’ve jointly shaped each other’s sexuality, learning together and exploring many sexual horizons since they were young.

They are very promiscuous and have sex as often as they can, usually at least 5 to 7 times a week. Anna's current favorite position (doggy style) is quite basic, though she also loves the lotus position for more calm moments. Matt loves doggy style too, along with face sitting. They have quite a few fetishes, including BDSM, strangulation, choking, and biting, etc. and just adore latex and darker sexual apparel such as leather and harnesses.

As amateur photographers, they have been making videos for some time now, first filming exhibitionist videos on their phones in public places and then moving up to higher quality equipment for shoots at home. We look forward to seeing more of their sexual adventures in future Lustery submissions!


Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Hand Job, Moaning, Teasing, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Deep Throat, Frombe, Sperm, Black Hair, Tattoos, Fucking With Clothes, Cuddling, Piercings, Glasses, Shower, Bathroom, Masturbating, Mouthfuck, Beard, Kitchen.

Matt & Anna's Video Collection

For their second Lustery submission, amateur videographers Anna and Matt have once again created an inventively sexy short film. Returning home from a walk, the charming French couple barely make it into their apartment building before Anna reveals that she isn’t wearing anything under her fur coat. As they slowly make their way into their flat, the action ramps up with each door they open—culminating in incredible lovemaking in their living room.
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