Josh & Evie

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    Josh & Evie

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    30 & 23

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    Closed relationship

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Josh and Evie met each other on a dating site. They are both kinky, and they quickly found out that they had this in common. Their sex life has been an exploration of their desires: they feel they have been able indulge in fantastic areas of sex that they would have missed out on without each other.

One of their favourite discoveries together was anal, which they still describe as being a very powerful experience. They like to push their limits and are always looking for new things to try. They enjoy the contrast of pain and pleasure, extreme lust and sweet tenderness - that’s what does it for them :)

Josh & Evie 's Video Collection

  • 07.08.19
    VLOG: Bali Hijinks
    For the second edition of the Lustery VLOG, we asked the ever-inventive kinksters Josh and Evie to tell us a little bit more about their everyday life outside of the bedroom. Little did we know that their daily adventures are just as exotic as their sexual explorations, with the couple recently completing a two-month trip around Bali. They captured some absolutely beautiful footage of the island (and each other) during their trip, and topped it all off with yet another piping hot anal scene after returning home. Enjoy this glimpse into the jet-setting lifestyle of one of our favorite couples, and keep an eye out for even more tropical smut in their upcoming videos!
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