Jane & Zhenya

The basics
  • 68
  • Name:

    Jane & Zhenya

  • Age:

    21 & 29

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    Riga, Russia

  • Sex life:


When Jane and Zhenya met, stars collided. Sharing the same (Russian) names and the same birth dates, they knew there had to be a cosmic mystery to unravel. So, they began to explore their connection, humbly at the start, but soon becoming physical after just two days. The transcendental energy revealed that first evening continues to tie the gorgeous fiancés together in their mutual pursuit of pleasure.

The sensual couple can fuck for days, stuffing themselves up with ecstasy like spoiled children. They have developed a level of trust that is comforting, yet sometimes seems bottomless, going beyond simple comprehension. Practitioners of lucid dreaming, the pair sometimes make out and have sex while still sleeping, waking up only when the tension becomes overwhelming.

Since moving to separate countries, Jane and Zhenya continue a long-distance relationship through fire and tears, but they find nothing more rewarding. They please themselves virtually, being no less creative than in real life. When they finally have each other in flesh, their passion is almost-seizure inducting.

Jane & Zhenya's Video Collection

  • 23.07.19
    When Stars Collide
    Jane and Zhenya describe their connection as ‘transcendental,’ with a deep trust and passion that ties them together despite the distance that separates them most of the year. On the occasions that the gorgeous fiancés are able to meet in person (like in their phenomenal Lustery debut), their explosive passion is a truly a sight to behold!
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