Andrea & Beatrice

The basics
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  • Name:

    Andrea & Beatrice

  • Age:

    29 & 28

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Melbourne, Australia

  • Sex life:


Andrea and Beatrice are both from Italy and they are currently living in Melbourne.

They have been together for over ten years and their relationship grows stronger and stronger with time. They really trust each other and since the first day they met they've been honest and clear with each other - communication is the key to their strong relationship!

They fell in love instantly and after a few years living together in Italy they decided to move to Australia. Here they have enjoyed their best life experiences including sexy times in hundreds of wild and magical spots all around the country where they travelled for more than one year with a van.

They have sex 4 to 6 times a week, they enjoy trying different positions, but in the end the classics are always the ones that work the best for them, especially if they can see into each other’s eyes. Andrea loves Beatrice’s feet. One of the most memorable sex stories they have was when they went for a motorbike ride around the mountains and they stopped and ventured into the forest. The spontaneity of the moment really turned them on and it’s a day they will never forget!

At the moment they like to share their sexuality and they enjoy watching other couples having sex, so once they founded Lustery they could not miss the chance to share their naughtiness with us!

Andrea & Beatrice 's Video Collection

  • 20.09.18
    Penthouse Pleasure
    A Penthouse with panoramic views across Melbourne, as the sun sets, the sky is the most glorious colour and the floor to ceiling windows make for an amazing vantage point. After some fun on the balcony, the image of Beatrice bending over as Andrea fucks her from behind, overlooking this incredible city will live long in the Lustery memory!
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