Sara & Stacey

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  • 115
  • Name:

    Sara & Stacey

  • Age:

    26 & 28

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

  • Location:

    Marseilles, France

  • Sex life:


Who doesn’t love a secret crush turned explicit romance? For queer babes Sara and Stacey it took a few years of chance encounters, stolen glances and flying sparks before they went from “ships that pass in the night” to two dreamboats on a crash course to something incredible. It all happened when Stacey effectively got stranded in Marseilles thanks to the pandemic. In the weeks of waiting for normal travel to resume, the pair finally had the opportunity to get closer. “I finally managed to get her into my bed, much to my shock and delight,” quips Sara. And after all that time, it just felt right. “We have an easy time touching each other, maybe something about having known each other for so long and taking so much time to understand the other – it just felt so natural from the very beginning,” they say.

Another aspect of their relationship that has come naturally is an affinity for all things kink and BDSM. “We both enjoy bondage, hardplay, breathplay, hot/cold games, denial, submission and domination. Exchanging and playing with fluids are a mutual fetish, accompanied by personal obsessional for sportswear and lingerie that we are happy to indulge one another in,” they say. “We rarely set up a scenario, it just unfolds fluidly depending on the moment and whatever we are inspired by that happens to be close by or passing through one or both of our minds!” The self-confessed freaks’ latest source of inspiration? Joining Lustery!


female pov, kissing, long hair, oral sex, pubic hair, tattoos, blonde hair, brown hair, moaning, teasing, queer, outdoors, lesbian, masturbating, handjob, Colorful hair, POV, Fluid bonded, cunnilingus, communication, vacation.

Sara & Stacey's Video Collection

Well Played!
For their Lustery debut, queer babes Sara and Stacey are going all out – not to mention all outside! Aside a lake on a countryside farm, the two make themselves more than comfortable on a tabletop with a passionate makeout session soundtracked by nature and their mouths on each other’s bodies. And when you consider that this video is packed with oral action, ass play, squirting and an intense collaborative cum that will have you holding your breath in anticipation, the fact that it turned out they were going at it not on a table but on a well covering hiding a 30-foot drop? Well, that’s the least thrilling bit.
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