Ravyn & Sam

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  • Name:

    Ravyn & Sam

  • Age:

    30 & 36

  • Type:

    Regular lovers

  • Location:

    Seattle, United States

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Seattle-based lovers Ravyn and Sam describe their sex life as fun, full of laughs, experimental and open. And as if that’s not enviable enough, as pornographers and photographers, they’re uniquely qualified to document it. The pair first connected when Ravyn, a model, contacted Sam, a photographer, about collaborating together. ‘Collaborating’ turned out to be something that came naturally to the pair – both when the cameras were rolling and beyond. Describing their relationship, Ravyn says, “Sam is super sweet while I'm a little more fiery, and we’re always laughing at some stupid joke. The sex is amazing and passionate – like, have you seen him? The art we create together is some of my favourite and afterwards we seem to always end up cooking a meal. It's sweet and easy!”

Despite the fact that work and other partners mean that they only see each other about twice per month, when they do, they make it count. “Our most adventurous sex story so far is probably when our friends were coming up to visit from Portland and they got a rental on an island around here,” they say. “You have to take a pretty ferry ride to get there and the place ended up being a converted barn on an apple orchard! We spent the weekend taking pictures, making out in the hot tub, cuddling, and fucking all over the place. It was pretty magical.”

They add that their biggest turn-ons during sex involve exchanging fluids and – drool! – insemination fantasies. Creampie, anyone? If your answer is “yes”, look no further than their incredible Lustery debut!


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Ravyn & Sam's Video Collection

Peaches and Cream
Ravynand Sam have made no secret of their love for fluid exchange (not to mention their saucy insemination fantasies), so it’s no surprise that their second video for Lustery has borrowed the creampie recipe from their jaw-dropping debut and purrrfected it. Filled with sensual pussy worship, moan-out-loud dick riding and the mind-meltingly hot moment where Sam helps to finger Ravyn to a toe-curling climax using his cum as lube...
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