Peach & Morgan

The basics
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  • Name:

    Peach & Morgan

  • Age:

    23 & 31

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Seattle, USA

  • Sex life:


Peach and Morgan met in 2013 on a dating site. The first time they met in real life they were both a little shy, but soon they would realize that they were very compatible…in bed! After a year seeing each other on and off they fell in love and became committed life partners.

Morgan is generally dominant which is a perfect match for the more naturally submissive Peach. Their sex life is adventurous, comfortable, loving, and free of judgement. They are very fond of the trust they have built up together which allows them to explore their dominant and submissive sides feeling absolutely safe in each other's arms. Their communication and understanding during sex are key when exploring boundaries, and they love to mix roughness and tenderness. They both enjoy sexual starvation, abstaining as long as they can before indulging with incredible passion.


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Peach & Morgan's Video Collection

All Hands on Dick
For their second Lustery submission, Peach and Morgan decided to explore the latter’s hand and foot fetish. Peach got her nails done for the occasion, which got Morgan all riled up and ready to go. Starting with sumptuous oral filmed from both perspectives, the Seattle natives then demonstrate the importance of communication in sex with Morgan guiding his partner on how to give the perfect hand job. After plenty of hot interstitial intercourse, Peach’s new technique culminates in an orgasm that is “almost too good!”
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