Noir & Daryl

The basics
  • 294
  • Name:

    Noir & Daryl

  • Age:

    27 & 28

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    East Sussex, England

  • Sex life:


Noir and Daryl are the duo Sex Kult, who are lovers, musicians and visual artists from England. They make dark electronic music and experimental films, which explore the darker side of love, sexuality and psychology. Pornography to them is both an artistic and political statement; their sex lives feed into and inspire their art, and vice versa. Their sexuality is constantly evolving, both as lovers but also as individual sexual beings. They have been exploring the world of kink, in particular BDSM, which is increasingly informing their work.


Living Room, Bedroom, Hetero, Long Hair, Brown Hair, Kissing, Oral Sex, Female Pov, Moaning, Male Pov, Teasing, Trimmed Pubic Hair, Sex Talk, Deep Throat, Frombe, Spanking, Face-to-face, Shaved Pubic Hair, Sex Toy, Anal Plug, Cum, Black Hair, Short Hair, Tattoos, Fucking With Clothes, Safer Sex, Pubic Hair, Piercings, Mirror, Threesome, Lesbian, Bdsm, Role Play, Blindfold, Whips, Latex, Handjob, Doggy Style, Kinky, POV, Fluid Bonded, Lingerie, Communication, Stockings, Bisexual, Fingering.

Noir & Daryl's Video Collection

Flesh For Fantasy
In their fourth video for Lustery, Noir and Daryl are not Noir and Daryl… Well, not exactly. There’s something sexy about not being yourself, they say, something that “gets you off the hook a bit” and allows you to play with your boundaries. Casting themselves as a sex worker and her client meeting for the first time, play is exactly what they do – with roles and, of course, each other – as the two allow fantasy to write the script.
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