Nando & Sara

The basics
  • 143
  • Name:

    Nando & Sara

  • Age:

    35 & 26

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Tarragona, Spain

  • Sex life:


Tarragona-based couple Nando and Sara’s story began with him responding to a photo he saw of her on Twitter. Their connection was instant and it wasn’t long before he was sliding into much more than just her comments. “Since that day, we haven't stopped talking for a second,” they say.

It’s been almost five years since then and, they say, they do just about everything together, including living and working together… And, when the mood is right, almost getting caught with their pants down together! “We remember one day we were in the mountains, doing bad things, and we were approached by two very nice dogs,” they say. “The dogs wouldn't leave no matter how much the owner called them, and in the end, the owner had to come and get them. Thank goodness we had time to get dressed!”

Not that they’re averse to a little exhibitionism. In fact, they count any position where Sara is the submissive and being watched by others as their biggest kinks. Needless to say, their Lustery combines them both the breathtaking effect.


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Nando & Sara's Video Collection

Smile For The Camera
“Our biggest fetish is to be seen,” say kinky Spanish lovers Nando and Sara. Maybe that’s why Sara is wearing no panties under her dress as Nando first spreads her legs for their Lustery debut. Combining their loves for exhibitionism and submission, this jaw-dropping first video showcases the passionate pair from every angle, from Nando’s POV with Sara’s lips wrapped around his pierced penis to a powerful doggy-style pounding as he grips her ass, and much more! And to finish? A huge mouthful of cum to call it a wrap.
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