Jessica & Samuel

The basics
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    Jessica & Samuel

  • Age:

    21 & 25

  • Type:

    Life partners

  • Location:

    Paris, France

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Samuel was a friend of Jessica's older sister. Jessica found him very attractive from the beginning, and after 3 days of intense talking they became a couple. Jessica was 16 and Samuel was her first love story. They took things calmly and waited 7 months until they first had sex with each other. 5 years on, they are open minded about sex and like to explore new experiences in the bedroom.

Their most adventurous sex story took place in Mallorca, they were on holiday and one day after dinner they went to the beach. They began with some foreplay and after becoming aware of the glances and looks they were getting, went to the dunes to hide and have sex. It was very exciting!

Their favorite position is the ‘reverse cowgirl’, when Jessica sits on Samuel, who lies on his back, showing him her ass in action! They like trying new things, playing with toys (together and alone too), Jessica often wears sexy lingerie and they enjoy anal sex. Although they don't want to physically share each other they find it exciting to share their sex life through videos and they especially look forward to seeing other couple's videos as part of their sexual games!


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Jessica & Samuel's Video Collection

Come Quick...literally!
Back for their second Lustery video, Jessica and Samuel wanted to show the Lustery community what happens when they just get the urge! Yep, we’re talking a quickie! Luckily, they remembered to flick the camera to record, after which their impulses took over and the passion played out!
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