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Clementine & Canitt

The basics
  • 701
  • Name:

    Clementine & Canitt

  • Age:

    27 & 22

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Sex life:


Clementine and Canitt met each other in Berlin around a year ago, during a shibari (Japanese rope bondage) event. At the beginning, it was hard for both of them to take the decisive step, because of Clementine's shyness and due to the language barrier on Canitt’s side. Luckily they found a way to get to know each other and they are happily in a relationship now!

Their sex life is quite unique and adventurous. They share similar kinks and fetishes, like shame-play and tears. They are exploring more their exhibitionist sides, which is a big kink of Canitt’s and it works well with Clementine's shameful attitude, making it a fun game for both of them and a fun way for Canitt to push Clementine's boundaries in their everyday life. He likes her shy attitude when it comes to sex, and he loves to make and watch her cry in different places. They enjoy having sex in public and Canitt likes to arouse Clementine in public spaces like restaurants, clubs or bars, and generally in situations with other people around them.

Their sex life is definitely focused on Clementine giving pleasure and satisfying Canitt! Clem obviously receives pleasure as well and feels completely satisfied while satisfying her partner. Clementine is aware of her needs and desires, and the kind of games make her happy. They talk a lot about their playful sexuality and every time Clementine feels uncomfortable or has different needs, she is always heard and respected by Canitt. Communication is the base of their relationship. Fellatios and positions where Canitt is having the control over her are their favorites. Clementine loves to watch the expression of pleasure on his face, so every position where she can look at him in the eyes is her favourite one.

Some of their most adventurous experiences have been threesomes and doing exhibitionist play together. It is Clementine's first open relationship, she had never experienced a threesome with her partner before or sharing a third play partner in their relationship.
Clementine definitely wants to explore more of herself, her kinks and her sexuality. Canitt loves the way they live out their relationship and believes the key is having fun together. There is a lot to learn from these two!


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Clementine & Canitt's Video Collection

The pleasure of satisfaction!
Clem loves to pleasure Canitt, in fact, it is the very core of their sexual relationship. The satisfaction she feels from pleasuring Canitt is what satisfies her! Canitt might just be the luckiest guy in the world! In their first Lustery video this dynamic is so fun to watch, two people who know what they want and embrace it to the fullest!
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