Aron & Stefanie

The basics
  • 169
  • Name:

    Aron & Stefanie

  • Age:

    33 & 19

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Rostock, Germany

  • Sex life:


When German pair Aron and Stefanie describe themselves as “some friendly and open individuals”, it feels somewhat like they’re being overly modest. Add curious, adventurous and most certainly kinky to the list, and you start to get a little closer to the truth. The two met at a kink event, where Aron spotted Stefanie playing with her Dom and couldn’t help but ask if he could join their fun. When, after getting to know each other more, Stefanie found out that Aron makes porn, she – in turn – couldn’t resist getting involved too. So it came to be that the lovers and sometimes co-stars began exploring their undeniable chemistry (and their love for spanking and other light BDSM practices) both off and on camera. “I became his sex model and girlfriend on an open basis and he became my porn king,” says Stefanie. And with a dynamic like that, it’s no surprise that they’ve ended up right here on Lustery!


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Aron & Stefanie's Video Collection

Brand Spanking New
Some couples like kissing and gentle caresses to set the mood… but for others, a ‘firmer hand’ might just make for a hotter time. For German lovers and Lustery newcomers Aron and Stefanie, a little over-the-lap ass spanking isn’t about ‘punishment’; it’s about getting warmed up – figuratively and literally, based on the bright pink hand marks Aron leaves on his lover’s cheeks – for what’s to cum…
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