Andie & Frankie

The basics
  • 163
  • Name:

    Andie & Frankie

  • Age:

    28 & 28

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    London, UK

  • Sex life:


Andie and Frankie had been on each other’s radar for a while and had known of each other. Andie first saw Frankie at her band’s very first gig. About 7 months later, Frankie messaged Andie on Instagram for a date/hookup and Andie said yes! A week later they went on a date and hit it off, the rest is history!

They both have busy lives and see each other a couple of times a month. Sex happens when it happens. They both feel like the closeness & intimacy that they have with each other surpasses any need for sexual interactions; they don’t need sex to feel intimacy together. Neither of them holds any expectations for sex to happen, they believe that relationships & connections shouldn’t carry any sex pressure, so for them, it just happens when it happens and feels right, and it always feels good when it does!

They both share a love for topping, however, Frankie is stone and doesn’t involve her genitals in sex so often Andie is her pillow princess. The way they fuck falls outside any normative roles and they often just go with what feels right at the moment through a good consent practice & checking in with each other.

They actually haven’t had ‘adventurous’ sex per se! But there was this one time in a hotel where they fucked so hard like their lives depended on it, and that was pretty fucking amazing and super hot!


breast kissing, female pov, kissing, long hair, oral sex, piercings, pubic hair, short hair, tattoos, blonde hair, nipple sucking, brown hair, moaning, living room, fucking with clothes, queer, fisting, handjob, aftercare, POV, Fluid bonded.

Andie & Frankie's Video Collection

Fistful of Love
As Andie and Frankie explain their sex life is anything but ‘normal’. The way they fuck doesn’t conform to the normative roles of sex, and for Andie & Frankie, that is absolutely perfect. One thing they do love to enjoy is fisting, and they were keen to share this joy with Lustery.
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