Hunny & Tyler

The basics
  • 55
  • Name:

    Hunny & Tyler

  • Age:

    25 & 25

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Jacksonville, NC, USA

  • Sex life:


Hunny and Tyler met through Twitter! Hunny was a Camgirl and he was part of the community. They added each other on snapchat and quickly realized how much they had in common and enjoyed each other’s presence.

They have a long distance relationship so they definitely haven't had as much sex as they would like to. When they do have sex, they love to explore each other’s desires and fantasies. It makes for reeealy good sex! When fucking, they actually enjoy the missionary position and its variants – it just feels so good!

They are also share a passion for kinky sex, and one of the biggest kinks they share is a love of DD/LG - which stands for Daddy Da/ Little Girl. It's a BDSM power dynamic that involves a lot of age regression type play and comfort care. It's a daily everyday life kind of thing for them and it's really fun to have a partner that you can be so vulnerable and trusting with.

They also enjoy switching! Sometimes it's lots of fun to change the power roles and it gives them each a time to release built up energies.

Recently Hunny dommed Tyler with her feet which was a first for both of them. They think feet play is thrilling... and we find their energy and open curiosity and playfulness mesmerizing!

Hunny & Tyler's Video Collection

  • 18.09.17
    Making up for lost time
    Due to the long distance nature of their relationship, Hunny and Tyler don’t have sex as much as they’d like. One benefit of this however is that when they do see each other they are positively over flowing with sexual energy! They can’t keep their hands off each other in this, their first shoot for Lustery!
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