Noir & Daryl

The basics
  • 28
  • Name:

    Noir & Daryl

  • Age:

    27 & 28

  • Type:

    Primary partners

  • Location:

    East Sussex, England

  • Sex life:


Noir and Daryl are the duo Sex Kult, who are lovers, musicians and visual artists from England. They make dark electronic music and experimental films, which explore the darker side of love, sexuality and psychology. Pornography to them is both an artistic and political statement; their sex lives feed into and inspire their art, and vice versa. Their sexuality is constantly evolving, both as lovers but also as individual sexual beings. They have been exploring the world of kink, in particular BDSM, which is increasingly informing their work.

Noir & Daryl's Video Collection

  • 02.02.18
    Monochrome Mystique
    Things in life aren’t always black and white…but your latest Lustery video from Noir and Daryl is! It gives the video a real nostalgic and erotic feel, like a throwback to those incredible early erotic movies. This is Lustery uniqueness at it’s very best!
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  • 31.08.17
    Dark Desire
    Noir and Daryl, or Sex Kult as they are better known are, as well as lovers, artists and film makers. This helps to make their Lustery vid, which comes with its own intro, a visual feast! In a room perfectly set up for lustful fucking, the pair move from couch to chair, to the floor, to the old chest in the middle of the room. It’s incredible to watch!
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