Jazmine & Miles

The basics
  • 55
  • Name:

    Jazmine & Miles

  • Age:

    34 & 37

  • Type:

    Closed relationship

  • Location:

    Minneapolis, USA

  • Sex life:


Miles and Jazmine's story seems to be one straight from a Hollywood movie. Jazmine was doing cam work and Miles became a regular customer. They started talking a lot privately but Miles was hesitant of asking to meet her in person since he did not want to cross any boundaries. He finally built up the courage to ask and was pleased to hear the excitement in Jazmine's answer! They were living in different cities so they organized a date where Miles flew to her, the minute they entered the same room they knew they were meant for each other.

They started a relationship and soon they were moving in together and getting married! They have been together for 9 years now and can't imagine life without each other. Their sexual drive matches perfectly, they love to explore their sexuality together and try new things. They believe sex and love is an explosive mixture and they love to shoot their own sex videos and share them with the world. Of course it was also love at first sight when we discovered them. A passionate Lustery couple one can definitely learn from!

Jazmine & Miles's Video Collection

  • 03.02.17
    Our Favourite Positions
    Miles and Jazmine love their adventurous sex life, they believe compared with a lot of people they are a lot more open and willing to try new things. Like a Lustery video for example! In their first shoot for Lustery they are intent on showing off their many favourite positions, moving the camera round the room so we get to see the incredible action from the best angles! Lustery Pro’s!
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