Introducing: Lillie & Stephen

Mar 28, 2017
The basics
  • 489
  • Name:

    Lillie & Stephen

  • Age:

    22 & 33

  • Type:

    Open relationship

  • Location:

    Bucharest, Romania

  • Sex life:


After being together for four years, Lillie and Stephen are proud to say their sex life is still as adventurous and exciting as day one! Their willingness to experiment keeps things fresh and alive, but this isn’t to say they don’t have their favourite positions! Sometimes, they admit, you can’t beat doggy style! 

Lillie and Stephen met at a concert. Stephen knew the people in the band, so after he noticed Lillie he started bragging about it and took her backstage. They talked all night, and went on a date a few days after...

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